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"Our daily lives are typically filled with things to do, people to see and jobs that need attending to, Infinity Massage aims to give you that much-needed chance to step back from the chaos in your life. Think of massage as your oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation. Here at Infinity Massage by Jessica, you will indulge from head-to-toe with a variety of massages. Offering soothing massages of all kinds for women, men and teens in a comfortable and secluded setting will ensure that you leave feeling stress-free and satisfied."

Infinity Massage by Jessica http://www.jessicabayes.com/


"Un-Define Your Labels."

This video was so incredibly difficult for me. We unearthed so many hidden feelings by doing this project. I had each of my models pick a word that they get labeled as, and write a piece of poetry to go along side it.

We spoke about drug addiction, anxiety, social conformity and physical appearance. All things that have caused depression in our lives.


These words have etched scars on our hearts that won't ever go away. But, we can use those scars to move forward and UN-DEFINE what people have made us.

I know this video is far from perfect. The audio is iffy and my camera is a bit shaky, but holy cow. This was more eye opening than anything.

Thank you so much to TyRebecca & Alyssa for being vulnerable enough to open up to me. Thank you for shedding your tears, sharing your stories and for being REAL.


Jessica Faye, master esthetician, located in Colorado Springs, CO.




"Photography provides a powerful means to collaborate and share a collective vision and vantage of the world. Through the process of creating and capturing, I have the incredible opportunity to not only produce remarkable imagery, while working with amazing people, but craft visual dialogue and lace those very images with depth, complexity, and context.  I cherish the challenge of translating idea and concept into tangible reality or archiving the essence of fleeting moments; the end product(s), sublime, multifaceted images that convey and evoke. My goal is to forge an engaging, expressive visual experience, one that is singularly authentic."

-Jonny Edward


"I love meeting new people and getting to know who you are! I want to capture you,  your personality, your look, your style… but I also want you to be seen how God see’s you! His vision starts with the heart and everyone has so much beauty from the inside out!  I am that photographer who will probably cry with you as you view your high school seniors photographs and realize that they will soon be on their own. I find a need to connect with my clients, to know them in order to capture them!My gift is capturing the moments that will eventually be momentous… because photography is part of who I am and not what I do."
-Jamie Rich


"I believe that the photo where you’re cracking up from the cheesy joke your fiancé made will bring you more joy forty years from now than the one where you’re copying one of the “top five poses for engagement sessions” from Pinterest. I believe that your kids would rather look back on your wedding by flipping through the pages in an heirloom album than by scrolling through your Facebook profile. I believe that when you go on an adventure and have fun with your photographer, you’ll remember the session as more than an errand to check off your to do list, and you’ll love the photos all the more for it.
-Nina Reed