Unless you are a non-photographer or you are a photographer living under a rock, I am sure you have heard of the annual Shoot & Share Photo Contest.  Hundreds of thousands of photos are submitted from all over the world, and over a 6-week period, people vote on these photos until winners are announced. There are 12 rounds total and after voting is done, the Top 100 photos from each category are announced, along with the Top 20 of each category.

I entered the competition for the first time last year and only made it halfway through the competition. This year, I submitted again & to my disbelief, I made it to the Top 100 in the "Personal Work" category with the photo of the blonde ballerina, taken at Bowles Grove Park in Littleton, CO! I was so thrilled and honored. This competition definitely re-ignited my passion for personal projects & now I can't wait to get back at it!!