Do You Have A Fierce Heart?

Growing up in the foster system in the Denver Metro area, I needed a distraction and photography became that distraction. I used my camera as a way to create the kind of world that I craved and desired; full of light, beauty and vibrance. The hobby of photography that I so desperately clung to as a child, turned into a passion and then a business in my adult years. After a few years of finding my style and my niche, I finally found out that the people I am drawn to the most are the ones like me; fierce, creative, unapologetic fighters who would do anything to show others the beauty that they see in the world.

Every woman has a story, and it's time to scream those stories at the top of our lungs. No matter WHAT we have been through, we are all full of beauty, grace, and most importantly, fire.

I want all women to know that you are beautiful enough. You are strong enough. You are ENOUGH. As someone who is behind the lens 99% of the time, I can tell you that every woman who has crossed in front of my lens has taken my breath away. And more often than not, we always end up chatting about life and they tell me their stories. You deserve to feel like a model. You deserve to tell your story. You deserve to be photographed. Because you ARE worth it. You are a work of art.