Be Fierce.

Every woman has a story to tell.

I have had countless women cross in front of my lens over the years. Each woman is uniquely different, but each one has something in common; they sometimes don't feel that they are worthy enough to be photographed. You could take a rock and throw it, and it would land near a woman who has spent her whole life being harassed, abused or violated.  We are in a world that treats women like they are objects to be used, not human beings with complex lives & feelings.

Well, I am here to change that. I'm not here to just take your photo. I am here to be your mirror. I am here to show you what everyone else sees. I am here to show you what I see; a powerful, multi-faceted woman full of beauty, grace and fire.

My name is Mia and I am a fine art photographer for models & women in Littleton, Colorado, Denver, Colorado and the surrounding areas.

No, not the cheesy "feather boa in a studio" glamour stuff you saw back in the 80's (at least that's how I think it was. I wasn't alive yet), but vibrant and modern portraits that make you feel like Cara Delevingne. Or Gisele. Pick your poison.

Booking with me means that you get photos that show you, up close and personal, and how captivating you really are. I'm not big into posing you in uncomfortable, contortionist poses. I don't shoot fashion, unless you bribe me with pizza. I'm going to capture you just the way you are; comfortable and carefree. I give light direction on posing, but my goal is to keep things as natural as possible, because YOU are the most beautiful when you are in your element. 

Whether you are an accomplished model looking to add fresh, fine art work to your portfolio, you are a budding model looking to gain experience, or you are a woman who wants to feel like a model for a day, I have a session that fits your needs.

If you can put up with my incessant chatting for the majority of your session, and you want colorful, vibrant modeling portraits to add to your portfolio, contact me now to book your session. I can't WAIT to meet you.

And don't forget; you are a work of art.